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Effects of overcrowding on Tokyo city

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Create a 4 page paper that discusses the effects of overcrowding on Tokyo city. Overcrowding has had many negative effects on Japanese over the years. It has caused severe indirect and direct health risks to all sections of the population, especially the young children, elderly, and the disabled. It has led to insufficient aeration in homes leading to or exacerbating respiratory illness like Asthma. In addition, overcrowding has aggravated health hazard s linked to deprived and inadequate water supply and poor systems for hygiene. This is mainly because there has been inadequate fresh water for sewage treatment as well as for consumption in Tokyo due to an increase in human population. Consequently, the demand for fresh water is high than the supply due to overcrowding. Overcrowding has also led to lack of space directly affecting the psychological well being and physical development of the disabled in the society. Disabled people require enough space to move about from one place to another as wheel chairs and other objects aid them. Lack of adequate space due to overcrowding makes it difficult for people to move from a point to the other. In addition, disabled people require enough space for their exercises in order for them to be more flexible.In addition, overcrowding has contributed to extensive social problems. It has made it hard for women to access economic and social resources by augmenting their responsibilities at home. A significant number of women in Tokyo are left at home taking care of their children and household chores making it difficult for them to have time for these resources. Overcrowding has also led to increased levels of air pollution, noise pollution, and soil contamination. There has also been a reduction of natural resources, particularly fossils fuels.


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