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Effects of displacement

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CMRJ320For the second summary paper; — > Using the weekly lesson readings in week 1 summarize the key point or points most critical to the intelligence cycle.— > Also, using the supplemental reading assignment for this course CMRJ320 i.e., Sorg, E. T., Haberman, C. P., Ratcliffe, J. H., & Groff, E. R. (2013). Foot patrol in violent crime hot spots: The longitudinal impact of deterrence and post-treatment effects of displacement. Criminology, 51(1), 65-101 that can be retrieved at http://www.jratcliffe.net/wp-content/uploads/Sorg-et-al-2013-Foot-patrol-in-violent-crime-hot-spots.pdf ; summarize the most important aspects of the article that can be applied to crime reduction as it relates to Intelligence-Led Policing.This URL or the link at the bottom of the week 4 lesson readings link may be used also: http://apus.intelluslearning.com/v3/course-widget/449/#/document/103385521/1/5ff915a3063b385fce39e943b1bd8fcb/9fa63f3bac784cb8c365c9d838f8d068/browse_published_content/4447/3777/35525/2/lesson/lesson?hideClose=true&tagId=27288&external_course_id=6cf6d81e-de7a-43a3-98aa-969250bf5aa5&external_course_name=CMRJ320%20Model%20Site%20modelsiteIn doing so, write a summary review of the important materials presented. Following APA format (title page, content pages, reference page), double spaced, 12 pt font size, and common font style (Times New Roman).  APA format is required of all Summary Paper assignments, including a cover page, in-text citations, and a full reference list.  If tables, charts or images are used an Appendix is required.2-3 pages of content maximum.


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