Effect on children’s behavior

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Essay on How Aggressive cartoons effect on children’s behavior. Paper must be at least 500 words. According to the people who are of the opinion that cartoon violence is very similar as most of the time harm is inflicted upon some of the characters. In a research carried out by Kirsch it was established that among both the adults and children long exposure to media violence has contributed to an increase of antisocial behavior. According to the article, a research carried out by The Kaiser Family Foundation in 2006 established that about 68% of all the parents involved in the research reported that they have seen their children imitate some of the behaviors that they have seen on television. About 24% of the imitated behaviors were deemed as violent.Generally the article is of the view that violence in cartons is meant for comic entertainment and that it does not in any way responsible for the antisocial behavior among the children. The article is of the opinion that cartoons are merely meant to entertain chidren.According to the authors of this article, some of the experiments have been undertaken to find out if the violence that children see in cartoons is responsible for triggering some aggressive behavior among the children. According to the article it is still very unclear how children interpret media violence, and even how very early exposure to fantasy violence affects the mental modes of aggression in children. The article takes a deeper look at two related issue in terms of media violence effects on children. The first is exposure of children to violence and the effect it has on children. The second is finding out if the characteristics of violent cartoons affect children mental modes aggression.According to the article a research carried out was able to establish that children recalled having seen some sort of violence in selected carton stimuli that did not have any violent scenes. In that aspect the research

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