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Effect of Industrialization on the Environment

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Submit a 2500 words paper on the topic Effect of Industrialization on the Environment. It is this industrialization that has helped many countries to manufacture goods which were beyond human imagination (World Bank 1992 p.71). Industrialization was not only experienced in the developed countries but also in the undeveloped countries. Ever since the economies of countries have improved because of industrialization many countries are still striving hard to industrialize their states. It was noted that the rate of industrialization in Asia was even higher than the developed countries in the years of 1990 to 1995 (WHO 1997 p.130-132). However, these countries are not recognizing as to how much effects are they causing on the environment through industrialization. The health hazards and environmental pollution have become the least important of all aspects when it comes to industrialize an area. However, with growing concerns, it has been noticed that different countries all over the world have taken a stand so as to avoid any mishap. This essay would further analyze different effects of industrialization and environmental pollution on the society and the possible outcome of these effects. It would also put forward some measures through which their effects can be decreased. Environmental problems have had a negative effect on both a global and local scale due to the exhaust fumes from vehicles, factory emissions, cigarette smoking and the burning of waste and these problems would be discussed in detail in this essay (Vallero 2008, Goudie 2000 & Cooper 2001) As mentioned above industrialization has been of immense importance to the economies of many countries and because of this reason many countries have adopted the strategies of industrialization. Industrialization is causing a deteriorating effect on the environment of this earth and is also playing a great role in influencing the environmental pollution. Industrialization has also had some good effects on the society as it has improved the living standards of many.


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