Effect of atmosphere on customer perceptions

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Compose a 15000 words assignment on the effect of atmosphere on customer perceptions and customer behavior responses in chain store supermarkets. This research will begin with the statement that in the current age of globalization and the increased diversity of products, the shopping behavior of most people has changed significantly. Gone are the days when a shopper would simply walk into his or her favorite store and purchase what he or she likes. However, the shopping and customer world has changed, with many more options available. Even the option of going to the store or supermarket has been expanded to include online shopping and deliveries. In some ways, the shopping experience has evolved with more customers focusing less on shopping and more on the experience of shopping. Retailers also have better options in their products, prices, as well as store spaces, allowing for greater diversity in their options. Retailers are also eager to gain brand loyalty from customers as an added business advantage. In order to secure such loyalty, retailers have set out to improve the environment in their stores. They believe that with an enticing environment in their stores, they would be able to promote positive emotions and feedback from customers and draw them into the stores. Factors which refer to the store’s environment can impact on customer feelings and experiences, also affecting their purchasing behavior, their level of consumption, how much they would spend, and their satisfaction with the experience. A good experience while shopping in a store would likely prompt a repeat visit in the future. it can also facilitate spending in the store, including impulse purchasing. Currently, profits from chain store supermarkets are not too remarkable, and concerns have been raised on how to provide pleasant and inviting shopping experiences for customers in order to increase customer spending as well as increase their time of stay in the store.&nbsp.

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