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Educational Research

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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Educational Research. This research was performed to make conclusions about the difference between physical activities on daily basis and physical education classes and how students perceive this difference. The sample included middle school students only having a total of 307 students with an almost equal number of boys and girls. girls being in majority by 9 (Ning et al., 2012). The sample size was a small one which showed that the research is based on a small number of students from a limited geographical area which was in the Southern United States and the school was a suburban public school. The research design which is used for this study is experimental research design which is used because this is a controlled setting (Babbie, 2009). The research is done in a single school over students of the same age group. This type of research design is used to explore the relationship of cause and effect. In this research, the socio-motivational factors are the causes which eventually show the effect on the students’ physical activities on daily level and education classes (Al-Liheibi, 2008).The method of collecting data is by giving standardized questionnaires to all the students. The students are given these questionnaires in the first week of the research in order to assess their socio-motivational factors that encourage them towards physical activities (Kirk, 2006). Then this data of one week is used in the next two weeks to assess the physical activity levels in education class.The statistical analysis method which is used in this research study is analysis of variance (ANOVA). This method holds statistical significance as it uses two to three variables and compares them with a statistical test to make generalizations whether the means of the groups are equal (Kothari, 2004). In this research, the sample includes 307 middle school students and different groups were made for the observations and ANOVA method was used to make generalizations on the results. The


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