Education groups in the US

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Write 6 pages thesis on the topic education groups in the us and low health literacy. The toughest part according to me is to find out about the daily life of real-life patients and his experience. It was difficult as normally people are not much friendly and cooperating in discussing their health issues and diseases. Good health is one blessing and one should take good care of it. But in this fast-moving era, people are clearly careless or too busy to care for their health. Health literacy is basically the information or knowledge on which an individual could rely and take proper decisions regarding health. Unfortunately, people all over the world lack general information about their health. Every day it is seen that overall the number of patients in high ratio diseases is mounting. Distinctly the reason behind this is low health education and lack of interest in it (Pappas, et. al. 1993).

Low education group in the US has little knowledge about how they can have good health and their lack of knowledge leads them towards poor health. In the low education groups, low health literacy causes poor health results, and eventually the rate of hospitalization increases, and the usage of preventive health services decreases. In this group thus, low health education affects directly the economy of the country, as the economy is solely dependent upon human resources, so if the people are ill it will result out the as slow or minimal progression of work and consequently, the economy will be affected (Du Pre, 2009).To solve this problem of low education group of US, it is a must that even a common person should at least have basic knowledge about few things. he/she should know how to calculate blood sugar level, cholesterol level, and preventions towards common diseases, an idea about medications and its measurement, healthy diet, calculating the risk factors and nutrition management. Not only this, he/she should have the idea of the root cause of the disease whether it is due to the lifestyle he’s been following or it’s been inherited.

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