Economic situation in the US

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Write an essay on Economic Situation in the US in the Period of the Different Presidents. Write a 1500 word paper answering; Percent Change in real GDP: As is evident from the description of the GDP figures, the percentage changes in real GDP during the period happened to be in proportion. In 1982 the negative growth of GDP indicates towards some serious issues in the domestic economic environment. But thereafter, the growth percentage has been consistent and positive. The year 1984 saw the maximum increase in percentage terms. Civilian Unemployment Rate: The year 1982 is once again seen as the problematic year for the country with the overall unemployment rate rising to 9.7 percent, the highest during the tenure. The gradual decline of the unemployment rate in later years during the tenure points towards the people friendly policies taken up by the government of Ronald Reagan. Civilian Unemployment Rate by Demographic Characteristics: Dividing the unemployment rate demographically, we find that that the Black population seems to be the worst affected. The situation is particularly severe in the age groups of the young black community (16-19 yrs). Though it improves somewhat after that, still things remain worrying for the community. Consumer Price Index: The CPI did not see major shakeups during the tenure of President Ronald Reagan. The index saw a consistent rise from 1981 to 1989. The index seems to have spread well over different items, with goods and services forming the major component flaring up the consumer price index. Starting with the overall consumer price index of 90.6 in 1981, the country saw the index rising to 124 by the year 1989. Changes in Consumer Price Indexes for commodities and services: During the entire tenure of President Reagan, except for the year 1986, the CPI rates of growth were very high. During this year the energy consumption seems to be one of the lowest actually, with a negative growth of 19.7.&nbsp.

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