Economic and financial risks

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Please include statistical data when possible, including tables, graphs and other visuals that support and enhance your study. Must provide your sources! Topics for research and analysis Economic and Financial Risks: Identify key areas of uncertainty related to the level of economic development, infrastructure, and changing economic conditions in the country. Remember that a weak infrastructure or volatile currency increases the risk of transacting on a foreign market.Social and Cultural Risks: Discuss customs, traditions, and social values in the country that may create risks for the acquisition of the institution. Keep in mind that religious beliefs or the role of the family can affect uncertainty when starting and implementing an international business operation.Political and Legal Risks: Analyze the uncertainty that political instability, corruption potential, and business regulations might create. Note that required labeling, tariffs, or ownership restrictions may be encountered in various nations.Competitive Risks: Examine the risks associated with competition. Identify potential competitors for your institution.Risk Management Techniques: Investigate and compare various risk reduction strategies available when doing business in other countries. (Common risk management methods include insurance, diversification of product line, strategic alliances with local partners, and employing local managers.)Recommended Actions: Recommend risk management techniques that might be taken for this proposed international business operation. Provide evidence to support your recommendations. Conclusions: Draw conclusions about the material you have presented. The opinions or judgments you present should be supported by your research. I will be happy to pay additional for this question, I will just need to be sent to the link! 🙂

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