Ecological issues

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Create a thesis and an outline on Ecological Issues: An analysis of a Cry of the Kalahari. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. After a long time of struggle to raise some money they finally are able to go begin their research in a land that is cut from the rest of the world (owens & Owens 5). They land at a deception valley found along a fossil river bed. The place is located deep in the Kalahari game reserve. While at this place they are able to study so many wild animals, putting down all they saw day after day. The variety of animals they see astonishes them as they have never seen some of those animals elsewhere in the world or heard about them. They are also able to study migratory patterns as they are faced with the high temperatures of the Kalahari that were more than 120 degrees, the severe drought and lack of water causes them many issues as they lie isolated from people. The experience was intense for them as they struggled to live on the little they had saved before begging the journey (owens and Owens 15). Mark and Delia are motivated by the need to save the environment and to make people know the importance of saving or protecting animals. This was because of the incident that mark saw as a young boy where a farm was cleared by trucks in order to pave way for the construction of a highway. Mark felt that it was not right as this also changed his life for good. He decides to go to college to learn more about environmental protection and this is where a he meets Delia, a young lady as passionate about ecological issues as he was. Together they spend seven years in the wild living with the animals and learning so much about them each and every day (owens and Owens 3). Throughout the book we experience a connection that ties us to the wildlife, the nature, the desert and the lives of the two young researchers. We experience their quarrels, their problems, their fears and their worries. Their documentation of the wildlife and the various behavior patterns, migration patterns are thorough. They learn much about themselves and how they need to live. They appreciate the Kalahari and how the wildlife co-exist. Through their eyes we see a number of problems that are evident and their zeal to solve these issues and protect the wild and the environment. In the end when they leave we feel like they are leaving the animals back. However they leave more knowledgeable than they came. A variety of issues arise from this text. We can see the interplay of various ecological issues in this text. A lot is said about the animals and their behaviors and migration patterns but human interference is evident in the text. The current ecological issues are not different from the experiences and the problems we seen in the text. One of the biggest problems that led to many ecological problems is the issue of industrialization (Gelletly 50). Industrialization simply means the process in which a society or a given country or region of the world transforms itself from an agricultural society to one that is based primarily on the manufacturing of goods and services. The individual manual labor is often replaced by machine production and the people or craftsmen are replaced by assembly lines (Morris 20). Technology is highly relied upon as opposed to superstitions and the reliance on the factors that are outside human control. The problem with industrialization since the eighteenth and nineteenth century is the destruction of vast pieces land in order to establish industries.

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