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Dumpster Diving

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Compose a 250 words essay On Dumpster Diving. Needs to be plagiarism free!In the end, this contributes to wastage. For example, in the article, Eighner states that college students would throw away good items at the end of a semester even when such items could have lasted until the start of the new semester.

It is also clear that the consumption culture in America encourages people to focus on the wants and luxuries- things they do not need. The culture of consumerism is one that can affect the economy greatly since it encourages wastage of resources. Eighner’s article also brings to light the kind of foods people buy. In this article, he notes that rarely does he find fresh foods in the dumpster but instead find food such as yoghurt, chocolates among others. This shows that consumerism is a culture that encourages people to engage n unhealthy consumption habits where little consideration is given to the quality of foods eaten. This can further be extended to other items as well, such as electronic devices and clothing. The fact that people are interested in satisfying their demands, little attention to given to the nature of these products and the harm they cause to the consumer and the…….


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