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Reckless and Zero Tolerance

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Submit a 250 words essay on the topic DUI: Reckless and Zero Tolerance. Tolerance Juvenile Alcohol Law under which any person under the age of 21 is not allowed to have any amount of alcohol in his blood while driving. Implied Consent Law which states that if you have a driver’s license, this means that you have submitted yourself to take a chemical test whenever the officer wants you to. and, Habitual Violator Law which declares severe penalties for anyone who offends the law multiple times or is caught intoxicated or drunk while driving more than once. These laws will be discussed in detail along with a consideration to penalties that they impose on reckless drivers. Literature review and past research will be consulted which includes research papers by Fell and Lacey (2011), Traynor (2009), and Webster, Pimentel and Clark (2008). Accounts of actual case studies will be discussed that would help us to know whether these laws have been successful in controlling drivers’ behavior by proving to be effective deterrents, and if not, then what are the discrepancies in these laws that are keeping them to be


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