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Dual Language Immersion

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Submit a 500 words essay on the topic Dual Language Immersion Education….ly diverse, so that immersion as it was originally conceived and practiced may need to be tweaked essentially to be relevant to the changed Canadian demographic realities. One of the key insights is that immersion programs can still work in bilingual education, but they need to factor in primary languages other than English, and that this tweaked immersion paradigm has promise based on positive outcomes of similar learning situations with students having diverse primary languages and ethnicities (Swain and Lapkin, 2005).

The chapter starts off by providing compelling reasons for multilingual education, including the globalization of trade, mass migrations, and telecommunication advances. From there, the chapter highlights how important schools are in teaching young people other languages, especially in North America, where communities are more homogeneous linguistically compared to other geographies. The chapter then goes into a discussion of three basic bilingual education paradigms in North America, including one way and two way immersions, and developmental programs for minorities. The chapter then discusses in some detail of key issues in bilingual education, including age of students, how long students are exposed to a language, issues related to bilingualism that is additive, and language teaching that is based on content. The key take is that the past four decades have yielded many lessons and insights relating to teaching bilingualism and multilingualism not just in North America but in the rest of the world, and these can be brought to bear to make teaching more effective moving forward (Genesee, 2008).There is merit in the assertions of Swain and Lapkin with regard to the need to tweak the traditional immersion paradigms for additive bilingual education that take into consideration the fact that Canadian society is not what it used to be. The goal after all is to make sure that the immersion programs remain effective for their intended purpose, which


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