Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment

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Hence, Dr. Heidegger is an old, peculiar and well educated man who is a signification of hope in Dr. Heidegger’s experiment and attempts to teach three ignorant peers life lessons through a carefully orchestrated experiment. As mentioned above, Dr. Heidegger possesses the quality of hope. One can gain admiration of his inner qualities by his brief history. Heidegger is said to have been deeply in love with a woman who he was on the verge of marrying until she died on the eve of their wedding after swallowing one of his prescription as she suffered from a slight disorder.

The importance of this lady in his life is indicated by the large portrait of her which he keeps on his wall. The emotions and feelings of Dr. Heidegger for this lady are a characteristic feature of Gothic literature. In this literature emotions are usually well illustrated. Even after so many years have passed since the death of the lady, it is evident that Heidegger still possesses great love for this woman. This is also shown by the fact that he keeps the rose that he was supposed to wear on his wedding. This love and commitment possessed by Heidegger is an indication of his character and a symbol of emotional representation in gothic literature.

Hope can be seen in the actions of Heidegger as he chooses a unique group of individuals as his subjects. These individuals all have different backgrounds and these are effective in the fulfillment of the objectives in the experiment. The backgrounds of these individuals as well as their characters are also representations of gothic literature. In addition, the nature of the experiment also has some gothic elements. In gothic literature, the supernatural also plays a role. Hence, in this case Heidegger attempts to use the supernatural to teach his subjects the positives of living life once by giving them water from the fountain of youth. Heidegger is hopeful that this fountain.

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