Don’t Blame the Eater

by | Jun 29, 2021 | Assignment

Essay on Don’t Blame the Eater.

It needs to be at least 250 words.154).

He gives an example of how one is likely to find a McDonald’s restaurant on a drive down a street. He also faults the fast food restaurants for not providing calorie information on their information charts (Zinczencko, p. 154). He also argues that in fast food packaging, there is no calorie information like on grocery items and this prevents the consumer from making an informed decision.

He illustrates how having chicken salad, almond and noodle, dressing and a coke comes to more than half of what the government recommends for daily calorie intake (Zinczencko, p. 155). He says that fast food companies do not bear any warning on their ads showing the harm they can do. He argues that companies should put this information so that consumers can make informed decisions on their diet. He concludes by saying that the government will soon realize that these companies are a threat to the health care.

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