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Dominican-American Convention

by | Jul 1, 2021 | Assignment

Compose a 750 words essay on The Dominican-American Convention analysis.

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In analyzing the situation it is clear that in orchestrating the arrangement the U.S. virtually secured its control over the Dominican Republic. Under the receivership agreement customs income would be distributed in the manner established in the “Modus Vivendi”: 45% for the Dominican government, 5% for the payment of the employees of the customs administration and 50% for the payment of the loan. ( The American-Dominican Convention 3-6) This “deal,” as we might call it, seems at first glance a win-win for everyone: the U.S., in that it kept European influences at bay, and the Dominicans financially and politically beholding to the U.S. For President Ramon Caceres, seeking to consolidate his power, had three million dollars to spend internally at his discretion, which certainly helped along with the U.S. guarantee for economic and military support to secure his position within the country.

From a political point of view it is not surprising that some American Congressman of “anti-imperialist sentiment” (Roorda 11) would be against the move based on previous attempts to intervene in Dominican politics, as other Dominicans in the past were wary of such a close association on the basis of a weaker state being subsumed by one more powerful. In assessing the ultimate result from a political standpoint, one must see clearly the basis of their objections, since in the end, and under the agreement’s terms, officials of the U.S. War Department sent to the country to monitor its customs operations had war ships at their disposal “if local events went counter to his [Ceceres] wishes” (Roorda 15).From the main points of the treaty the results are somewhat mixed. Increased pressure was mounting from several European nations for the Dominican to pay its debt in fear of ongoing political instability. (Roorda 13)

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