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In this discussion, you will have the chance to watch a documentary that discusses aging, health and life expectancy. You will then think and write critically in response to several discussion questions.


Post your response to all of the questions below with an appropriate subject line that includes which option you have chosen. 

A) Please watch the Frontline documentary, Living Old, in its entirety and answer the following questions: 

•  What factors contribute to life expectancy and longevity? 

•  What variables contribute to individual differences in health among older adults? 

•  What are you personally doing now to help ensure that you will have a healthy life cognitively, socially, emotionally, and spiritually as you age? ORB) Compare and contrast the expectations and perceptions of older adults or aging adults from different cultures. How are the stereotypes in the US the same or different, than stereotypes from other cultures? How do different cultures value and respect older adults? How well do older adults cope with the aging process amongst different cultures? How might immigrants or refugee groups living in the United States adapt or change their interactions with the elderly?


•  A minimum of 500 words (not including reference

•   References and cites one peer-reviewed journal using correct APA

•   Reference and cite one scholarly source using correct APA

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