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Division of household labor

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 1. Explain the three explanations for the division of household labor.

2. Explain the challenges that families face in balancing work and family demands.

3. Explain the issues associated with leaving or staying in an abusive relationship.

4. What is the Power and Control Wheel, and how might it operate differently for same-sex and heterosexual couples?

5. How do sociologists define race and ethnicity?

6. What is the difference between individual discrimination and institutional discrimination?

7. Sex is not the same thing as gender. Explain the difference between the two.

8. Interactionists argue that people learn their gender identities from everyday interactions and that the family is the primary source for gender socialization. Explain some of the ways that parents and siblings can teach gender.

Explain the three explanations for the division of household labor. The division of labor focuses on gender ideology, types of family and gender inequality in the labor market.


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