Diverse environmental events

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Write an article on Current Diverse Environmental Events. It needs to be at least 500 words. ?Current diverse environmental eventsThe behaviors of modern people significantly contribute to diverse environmental events. It would be unfair to blame these people for consequences of their actions. For example, their attempt to create reliable source of energy cause the emissions. This implies that the emission of carbon dioxide is hazardous to the environment. Such emissions are manifest when there are attempts to produce energy. Contemporary newsmakers realize the significance of such issues and in turn create several articles about them. They write about the concepts associated with carbon dioxide to enable their respective readers be knowledgeable.According to Davis (1), a ban must exist on activities that emit CO2. This article implies that there can be maintenance of climate change using appropriate technology. Such technologies include the introduction of wedges. Throughout this article, there are suggestions that current technologies are insufficient in the reduction of carbon emissions. The creation of new ways to manage dangerous emissions is extremely necessary. This article recommends that there needs to be establishment of policies that would reduce these emissions. For example, the article implies that policies need to conduct advanced research that will probably discover safe ways of creating energy. There also needs to be additional efforts that will reduce all these emissions that keep affecting the environment.Another article by the US Department of Energy reports the benefits of proper carbon dioxide storage. Hakun (1) depicts that it is possible for permanent arrest of diverse green house gases. The article also states that the available storage spaces in the US can arrest these gases from their respective sources. An example of CO2 storage facility is the atlas 4 that has current updates on the emissions. This article explains the details of the atlas that include the following. The first is the ability of the atlas to detect all the locations of potential carbon dioxide deposits.The final article by Eisenberg suggests that people need to check the emissions of CO2 in the air. This is because there is an extremely rapid growth in the levels of C02 emissions across the globe. In this article, she reports the relevance of carbon engineering to the environment. The article further explains that it is possible for industries to store these gases and later sell them. She highlights diverse ways of harvesting CO2 and proves that the entire process is advantageous. In the article, one notices that direct air capture of CO2 is a new technology that registers several advantages. The article includes the use of carbon absorbing solutions to reduce emissions. Researchers are uncertain about the total costs of this technology, but are hopeful that it would be successful. The dangers that CO2 causes to the air increase the necessity to capture all the emissions or stop them altogether. All writers who choose to write on these topics suggest that there must immediate solutions to the problems associated with CO2 emissions because they protect the environment. Several environmentalists also agree that there must be permanent solutions that include capturing the CO2 gases. The pieces discussed offer significant highlights that demystify the emission of CO2 across the globe. This enables their respective readers to identify appropriate steps towards protecting the environment.Works CitedAnne Eisenberg. “Pulling Carbon Dioxide out of Thin Air” .The New York Times, 5 Jan 2013. Web. 8 Jan 2013http://www.nytimes.com/2013/01/06/business/pilot-plant-in-the-works-for-carbon-dioxide-cleansing.html?ref=earth&_r=1&Hakun, Jenny. “DOE’s Carbon Utilization and Storage Atlas Estimates at Least 2,400 Billion Metric Tons of U.S. CO2 Storage Resource” US Department of Energy Dec 19 2012.Web. 8 Jan 2013http://www.fossil.energy.gov/news/techlines/2012/12061-DOE_Releases_Carbon_Storage_Atlas.htmlUniversity of California – Irvine. “Major cuts to surging carbon dioxide emissions are needed now, not down the road, study finds.” Science Daily, 7 Jan. 2013. Web. 8 Jan. 2013.http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2013/01/130107100053.

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