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Distance between B and S

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Green, straight 364What is the map distance between B and S? You must show and clearly label ALL work to receive credit.3:Consider the map distance you just calculated in the previous question. If a green abdomen, bent antenna double mutant fly was crossed with a wild type, and you then used their offspring for a testcross, what phenotypic ratio would you expect to see in the F2? (You must show and clearly label ALL work in order to receive credit. 4:Suppose a man carries a very uncommon dominant mutation for a deadly muscular disease that doesn’t show up until people are usually over 50 years of age (he has the disease). He and his wife are expecting their first child–a girl. What is the probability she will also have the disease if…(1) it is autosomal(2) it is X-linked(3) it is Y-linkedExplain each answer in detail. Assume the penetrance of the trait is 100%.


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