Dissertation and theoretical background

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Write a 6 page essay on Dissertation- Introduction and theoretical background.

A 228-home tower block, an exemplary innovation which satisfies the Energy Efficient Building requirements. also exhibiting values of sustainability like ensuring the well being of its inhabitants, signifying usability and appropriation of space (BNPParibas, 2012).High-rise tower blocks were made possible as living systems with the advent of the elevator (Princeton,2012). A Tower Block or a High-Rise is a tall multi-story building or structure used for residential or official purposes, occasionally also referred to as an MDU, Multi Dwelling Unit (Princeton, 2012). They offer not only accommodation but also consist of offices, shops and other community based needs. Tower blocks are becoming a distinguished accommodation solution in the highly populated cities around the world, as they provide technical and economical advantages in urban settings with high density population (Price & Myers, 2012). High-rise towers provide dwelling for more people than solitary homes, while occupying less space and can specially be resourceful in communities with single unit families/couples.

High rise tower blocks have been a part of urban high population solution for a long time. Its traces are found through history. in major cities like ancient Rome along with other large cities of the empire. to the Roman Egypt which consisted of up to seven stories buildings. to the Arabian Egypt which had buildings to house hundreds of people in number (Princeton, 2012).The concept of the tower block has been evolving with the ages as people evolve as a society. Where there are those who advocate the residential high rise tower blocks as a solution to the dense cities of the modern times. others tend to view it as an unsuitable solution for the modern city with no pedestrian presence, density, and movement, thus bearing no resemblance with the concept of a traditional city (Pagliardini, Porta & Salingaros, 2008).

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