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Disney Cohesion

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Complete 5 page APA formatted essay: Disney Cohesion Case write up.is a large multinational corporation with about one hundred and seventy thousand employees spread all over the world with yearly revenue pegged at about $45 billion. The company has faced problems both internally and externally thus the need to strategically change its management and structure its organizational development (David, 29).The mission of Walt Disney Company is to become the foremost producer and provider of entertainment and information through the use of their variety of brands to have distinct content, services and products for the consumers which must also be pioneering and imaginative. This company operates through organizational structure that has strategic business units, each dealing with its core purposes, which includes the media networks, the parks and resorts, the Walt Disney Studios, Disney Consumer Products and Disney Interactive.

The goals of the company are to reach children as well as adult audience through the Disney products, which may include television programs, magazines, books, movies and musical recordings. It also aims at providing the Radio Disney channel through satellite radio, mobile applications and the web while its Disney Consumer Products provides the licenses for those who may wish to provide products based on the products of Walt Disney. Financially, Walt Disney has assets amounting to about US $ 80.5 billion of assets while its revenue has been on an upward trend since the year 2008 running to 2013 with most of the revenue coming from advertising and affiliate fees amongst other sources. It generates the affiliate fees due to its popular ESPN channel, film syndication, merchandising and its ability to produce movies that are a hit in the film market. Walt Disney manages its affairs through the domestic and global integration of its corporate management strategies, which has helped it acquire other film corporations through its massive financial power. Due to its diversified nature of business, it is managed


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