Discrimination of Colour

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Provide a 1 page analysis while answering the following question: Discrimination of Colour on the Black People: Morality Issues. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. ?My demand upon the philosopher is known, that he take his stand beyond good and evil and leaven the illumination of moral judgment beneath himself. This demand follows from an insight which I was the first to formulate: that there are altogether no moral&nbsp.facts.”This philosophical quotation is used to mean that an individual or any person who is in a position to make a judgment should do so with complete freedom. This means that he or she should stay above the conflicting sides of an argument by remaining neutral. The philosopher or individual should accept that there is no affirmative response or fact concerning morality. there are only opinions. I differ with the opinion that there are no true facts when morals are concerned. It is evident that there are truths that stand out when it comes to morality. In reference to the golden rule, which states that one should to unto others as they would want done unto them, there is a strong affirmation among most people. Alternatively, one should not do to others what he or she wouldn’t like done unto them. (Jeffrey, 1996) Terrorists often conduct their escapades by killing innocent people. Their actions have a firm position on morality. They are wrong in relation to the golden rule. This is confirmed by the fact that they would not like the same done to their countries or families. It is in this light that staying beyond moral right or wrong seems inapplicable. A valid application of this rule was practiced by President Kennedy in 1963 when appealing against discrimination of color on the black people. He challenged the white people to place themselves being treated as second class citizens. This example serves to show that morality issues are not necessarily reflected by opinions.Adverse effects have been seen as a result of basing morality on opinions rather than dwelling on facts associated with it. (Jeffrey, 1996) Adolf Hitler defended his atrocities against the Jews, the handicapped, and people from other races by using the provisions that there is no moral right or wrong. He based his argument on staying beyond right or wrong. On the other hand, it is universal knowledge that killing innocent people on such grounds is unjustifiable.ReferenceJeffrey, W. (1996). The Golden rule. New York: Oxford University Press.

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