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Dietary habits

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One goal is to have the means to make informed decisions regarding your dietary habits and the dietary habits of others you encounter as a health science professional. Below are links to the “best” protein supplement products and recent articles regarding their use and effectiveness. Portions of the scientific claims are suspect. In addition, there is a list of the protein content in various foods. The list is not exhaustive but highlights several high-quality protein sources. You will assess the contents and labeling claims of the “best” protein supplements on the market and compared these claims with natural food sources that may be realistically consumed in place of these products to give equal amounts of protein needs.

Choose 3 products and research the contents and the effectiveness claims. In addition to the nutrient comparison, include quality protein, necessary quantities, cost estimates, the time needed etc..

Support your claims with scientific evidence when appropriate.Would you recommend the use of a product? If not- why? If yes, who, when and under what conditions?Executive Summary: The executive summary is the “big picture” of your case with the findings stated.Case Data: What facts were given?Assessment: Your interpretation of the data and/or research.Professional Recommendation: What dietary modification(s) does your group recommend websites -brickhousenutrition.comverywellfit.comhealthline.comtoday’s dietitian.com


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