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Developments and events of Arab spring

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Write 5 pages thesis on the topic the developments and events of the Arab spring. Iran has been mostly intent in the outcome of many risings in the Middle East region, especially if they affect its pursuit of regional hegemony (Douglas et al. 13).Iran has remained relatively unaffected by the wave of uprisings that swept across the Arab world, particularly because of numerous deep-seated structural factors contributing to its “immunity to the 2011 Arab spring fever” (Metghalchi 2). Internal divisions in Iran’s opposition have greatly impeded its effectiveness. today, the Green Movement, which was long hailed as the solution to Iran’s democratic future by observers, is too divided and ambiguous to constitute the primary driver for changing the country. The army’s strong backing of Iran’s authoritarian regime has also cushioned the country from the Arab Spring. the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps have remained steadfast in their support for the Iranian government over the years.

Furthermore, Iran’s oil wealth seems to be working against the country’s chances for democratic governance like the case in most Arab states. soaring oil prices have kept Iran’s authoritarian government firmly in place. Nevertheless, Iran is undoubtedly the biggest loser following the developments and events of the Arab Spring. geo-strategically, the Arab world’s situation has changed for the worse for Iran, particularly because its popularity has dropped in the aftermath of the uprisings. Increasingly, “Iran finds its revolutionary message diluted and overtaken by events” (Chubin 5). with Iran’s only ally, Syria, tumbling, Iran’s confidence is also declining, and the country no longer has an audience for its resistance slogans. The international society was quick to take stands with regards to the unfolding Arab Spring, with major global powers like the pro-democracy west comprised of the US and its allies backing civilian&nbsp. uprisings to push for regime change in the region.


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