Designing methodology

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Write a 4 pages paper on eisa: evaluating the tool set(s). Additionally, this designing methodology will offer the General Electric Business to incorporate system modeling such as an inherent part of the overall method. In this scenario, this methodology defines a set of models, a procedure intended for deriving these rules and models as well as strategy that should apply to the models (Pressman, 2001. Sommerville, 2004). Furthermore, for developing the new technology for the General Electric Corporation we will use the CASE tools that will support system modeling as a part of a structured technique.Building and implementing the information system modeling cover spatial associations, geometry. light analysis, geographic information, quantities, and properties of structuring components (intended for instance manufacturers details). Additionally, the information system modeling could be employed to show the entire building life cycle, comprising the procedures of development as well as facility operation. Also, the shared quantities and properties of materials could be extracted easily. In addition, the scope of work could be isolated as well as defined clearly. Furthermore, the systems, sequences, and assemblies could be shown in a relative scale through the whole facility or group of facilities (Kutenk, 2009).New technology development and execution for General Electric Business could involve a range of tools and technologies. And, we can develop the system using those tools and technologies. For instance, in this case we can use the C# language for the development of the system. Additionally, for the back-end database development we can use the SQL Server 2008. Since, these two programming tools provide a lot of facilities regarding business information system development and implementation.For developing the new technology based system for the General Electric Business we can use the spiral system development.

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