Design For Disassembly And Transformation

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Write an essay on Design For Disassembly And Transformation.

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The need for DfD, that stands for Design for Disassembly, has thoroughly been discussed in this research paper. Moving forward, it is being attempted that certain computer oriented systems would be made, that would do the DfD process on their own. The researcher states that this would take the processing off human beings’ minds and would eliminate the reluctance that any person may have at the design level phase. It is also suggested that the toy-design for disassembly and transformation of cars be implemented into real world. Recently, A groups of students from the Stanford and the Aalto University in Finland designed a prototype for a laptop that was designed so as to confirm to all the standards of design for disassembly.

When disassembled, the electronic components of the laptop get carried into an envelop to an e-cycling destination. The laws made for the successful implementation of Dfd and sustainability should be implemented for sure and the services of companies such as HOBI International should be taken well into account. This company assists in the disposal of electronics. HOBI buys, cells and dis assembles electronics ranging from all sorts of computers to all sorts of communications equipment’s. In conclusion, the researcher states that the idea of the electrically operated building blocks is given so as to give an idea of the way electrically operable goods should be produced in the real life. This would enhance their usability and thus would serve the purpose of sustainability as well.

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