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Write an essay on Descriptive Paper. Boot Camp: A Beginning.

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This process of transforming civilians into military men and women has been described as a method of conditioning during which new recruits are encouraged to partially submerge their individuality for the good of their entire unit. After a recruit has finished boot camp, they are ready to begin life anew as well-prepared military personnel. When a new recruit enters boot camp, they leave everything else behind. Civilian life has no place in the life of a soldier, unless it is one that needs to be saved or fought for. The recruit is only entitled to the basic essentials as far as what they are allowed to bring with them when they enter boot camp. cell phones, music players, and computers are often not allowed in boot camp.

The only means of communication are formal letters and phone calls that are monitored to ensure that the recruit does not break military character while talking to their family members. That is rule number one that new recruits quickly learn: they are soldiers in everything that they do. New recruits truly do say goodbye to the lives they had spent years building up when they prepare to follow out their commitment to enter the military and fight with pride for their country. Once new recruits have moved and settled into their new home, training and discipline begins. The purpose of boot camp is to prepare potential military men and women for battle and war efforts. Part of this training involves discipline and learning to control one’s emotions so that they do not interfere with tasks and duties as these may impede the efforts of the military force.


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