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Depletion of the environment

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Create a 3 pages page paper that discusses depletion of the environment. The man has survived on this planet, even when the great dinosaurs had died out, become extinct. The instinct for survival is the strongest instinct in any living being. The man survived through the ages because of this and also using his superior intelligence and powers of adaptation. And now it is as if the man is bereft of his powers of reasoning, it’s as if he has suddenly succumbed to a death-wish. It’s as if, like the lemmings of the tundra, he is hell-bent on committing suicide en masse. If we go on in this crazy manner by the turn of the next century, mankind as species will have become extinct. If we take preventive action with immediate effect and a long-term perspective in view, we can arrest this problem now. But the tragic thing about it is the fact that there is only one group of people who can really help in this matter and those are the politicians. In a way, you cannot blame them. All their actions are governed by their tenure of five years sometimes even less in these times of political uncertainty. Their imagination refuses to stretch beyond this time limit, with the result that they cannot or are afraid to make any long-term decision. In the meantime, humanity suffers. In spite of the warnings of experts, these politicians refuse to see the problem that is facing all living beings, for what it is. And in collusion with some greedy, grabbing industrialists, they are hell bent on destroying life, the most fragile, the most divine of all things on earth.


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