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Read the articles noted in the links below and apply the concepts noted above to help you with this discussion. Links: CNN DOJ Fact Sheet Explain the ethical issue outlined below regarding the Department of Justices decision to implement the project – Fast and Furious. Possible questions to address: Was this program necessary to achieve the results the DOJ believes it would? Was there another way the DOJ could have reduced gun trafficking across the border besides allowing people to purchase firearms illegally? In 2009, the Department of Justice (DOJ) allowed the illegal purchases of firearms known as straw purchases (guns purchased by an individual who can legally own a firearm for someone else who cannot buy a firearm legally) in Project Gunrunner otherwise known as Fast and Furious (CNN, 2019, para. 7). 

The DOJ justifies their decision by stating that this was an effective way to track and arrest individuals who were trafficking firearms between the United States and Mexico (U.S. Department of Justice, 2009).  In 2010, when U.S. Border Agent, Brian Terry was killed with one of the illegally purchased weapons, the DOJ justified their tactics by stating that gunrunner programs like the Fast and Furious reduce gun trafficking across the border (CNN, 2019).Below are the citations for the above noted articles. References CNN. (2019, February 28). Operation fast and furious fast facts. Retrieved from United States Department of Justice. (2009, April 2). Fact sheet: Department of Justice efforts to combat Mexican drug cartels. Retrieved from

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