Demographics and voting patterns

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Write a 1 page paper on demographics and voting patterns. However, Obama used much of his manpower on the ground and as his winning-formulae (Perry 178).One of his tactics was the demographic voting patterns and he created firm grounds among the African-Americans, Hispanic and women. According to an Associated Press exit poll report, 71 percent of the Hispanics and 93 percent of the African-Americans voted in favor of Obama. Women, in particular, helped Obama to win the re-elections. For instance, 55 percent voted in favor of the sitting President compared to 44 percent votes that were in favor of Romney (FEDERATION FOR AMERICAN IMMIGRATION REFORM, “Immigration and the 2012 Elections”). In October 2012, the Pew Hispanic Center reported that Hispanics voted for Obama because immigration issues were vital to them. For example, according to an analysis of poll exit, more Latinos voted for President Obama over Romney by 71 percent and 27 percent respectively (Lopez and Taylor, “Latino Voters in the 2012 Election”). The women issues that attracted them to Obama’s recipe for his campaigns were him addressing the issues of healthcare, education and social amenities (Espo, “President Obama Wins Second Term in Victory over Mitt Romney”).

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