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Death by PowerPoint

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Death by PowerPoint! PowerPoint is both one of the most important tools and one of the most dreaded tools in the business world.  I can’t tell you how many horrible presentations I’ve sat through in my adult life, most frequently as an employee!  There are so many different opinions on what makes a good or bad PowerPoint presentation. Pick one of the following scenarios and discuss why the approach used is a “don’t” when using PowerPoint, and make sure to explain what you should do instead. You’re in a business pitch with the CEO of Verizon attempting to sell your brand-new virtual assistant and your PowerPoint consists of white backgrounds and black letters. You’re teaching History in a lecture hall with 1,000 students, and your PowerPoint presentation consists of slides filled with paragraphs and paragraphs of information. You’re a new Pastor meeting with your congregation for the first time and you thought it would be nice to have a PowerPoint presentation behind you.  On each slide, you’ve included a fun, but huge animated GIF. It’s your parent’s 50th wedding anniversary and you’ve crafted this great PowerPoint full of pictures and fun quotes from their years together, and you wanted to make it jump off of the screen so you’ve used a black background and purple sparkling text.


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