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Write 1 page essay on the topic Db5.The sales is expected to rise with hardwork from the group. The company will however have to input a lot into training the young workers. The experience levels of this group is far much below what an older generation can offer. As a result, the company will be forced to use more in terms of benefits.This category realize the least health problems and need for health benefits will not down the company. It is at this time that the company may introduce appropriate premium benefit services to enhance the future behavior of the employees. Having a balanced male to female ratio will mean the company deal with balanced gender related issues and it will not be weighed down (Kronenfeld, 2010).The case above comprises of a mixture of experienced and young employees. It is the most productive in terms of experience. However, such a combination is bound to pose challenges to the administration from the initial stages. It is true that there are instances of successful women input to companies. In fact, some researchers argue that women are the best managers of corporate affairs. However, the age bracket identified seem to be a productive age. This is the time the employees will request for more maternal leaves and benefits. This might impact negatively as the business will have to solicit for replacements. In addition, they will have to take care of health benefits of their employees (Kronenfeld, 2010).This is an aging demographic combination. It is full of experience and so good in nurturing new employees. The company will however have to deal with a lot of benefits demands. They have to prepare for retirement packages for their workers. Also, this generation is bound to experience more health related problems leading to more health benefits demands. This is likely to stain the resources (Kronenfeld, 2010).Some recommendations are also necessary to help the organization handle situations of benefits to her employees. StopNShopToday can introduce the following

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