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Database Management

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Database ManagementCreate new database.Come up with your own scenario: the purpose of it and kind of data that will make the database. I.e.: database of students and faculty or students and courses. 1. Design 2 tables. One with 4 records and another with 10 records.- choose columns’ headings and data type. At least one field in those tables must be numerical and one binary (yes/no, true/false).- select primary keys.- one of the tables should be imported from an excel file. Create it first in Excel.2. Establish relationship between them.3. Create a query. Draw fields from both tables and apply some kind of criteria. Have at the least one field in this query created by the use Expression Builder.4. Create a form. For either one of those tables. Your choice of fields and design.5. Create a report for the query. Apply grouping and computation of Total of a numerical field.6. Upload the database and the Excel file used in this project.


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