Data acquisition

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Essay Data Acquisition. The essay is to be 6 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.London City airport is located in the eastern part of London. It is between the Royal Albert Dock and the King George V Dock, two large docks that were built for heavy shipping and in a relatively populated area. It is also close to the Royal Victoria Dock. The redevelopment project will increase the size of the airport and the number of flights to the airport.It would also have good pollution, waste, and noise controls. There are plans to extensively increase the volume of public transportation to and form the airport. This would hopefully reduce the volume of automobile traffic and the need for a large road system. The plan is to build a larger airport that will serve aircraft well but will also not damage the surrounding neighborhoods, docks, or river with excessive pollution or traffic.To carry out this task, a variety of useful surveys will be used. These include an aerial survey, a picture of the finished airport, a geological survey, a hydrographic survey, a historical survey, a topographical survey, and a planning survey. All of these surveys have some importance, but some of the surveys are more useful for the project than others. Some of these surveys are vital, some very useful, and others less useful.The aerial survey is very useful to the project. It provides a visual photograph of the area around the airport. It reveals all of the landforms, buildings, and land uses around London City Airport. This is a very useful survey. If there are tall buildings, radio towers, mountains, or hills in the area around the airport it will be very difficult for airplanes to take off or land at the airport and a high risk of plane crashes. This could cause the project to be unfeasible. If there are residential neighborhoods near the airport they could be adversely affected by the noise from the aircraft. Any inhabited land that is very close to the airport might have to be bought

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