Damage caused by oil spills

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Essay on Damage Caused By Oil Spills. Paper must be at least 1000 words. In terms of property damage, there are certain laws that have been enacted owing to which people can claim for damages caused by the negative approach or negligence. However, individual or business units often deny the claim against a particular damage. This can be apparently seen in the cases of LOVELACE v. FIGURE SALON, INC and NATIONAL CANDY WHOLESALERS, INC. v. CHIPURNOI, INC. In this particular case held in the Court of Appeals of Georgia, the plaintiffs i.e. Marilyn Lovelace and her husband prosecuted a fitness facilities business run by named My Fair Lady. The business provides fitness equipment to its clients with the aim of improving their health and fitness. However, Marilyn Lovelace got injured from the equipment provided by My Fair Lady. The business further denied from entertaining any of the claims of the plaintiff on the ground of the contract signed amid the two parties. The defendant claimed that the contract signed by the plaintiff clearly mentioned that the use of the equipment by the customers for any exercise is entirely at their own risk. Hence, the defendant denied entertaining any claim of the plaintiff on the aforementioned ground (Leagle, Inc. 2014). In this particular case, National Candy Wholesalers, Inc (NCW) had taken a particular space of Atlanta Civic Center for lease. The company further provided a portion of the lease space to manufacturers of candies to showcase their products among which Chipurnoi was also included.

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