Current events about a clinic in china

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Submit a 500 words essay on the topic Current events about a clinic in China infected kids with Hepatitis.The province of Henan is known for such outbreaks and in the year 1990 it was hit by blood transfusions ,which were tainted and schemes of unsanitary blood plasma-buying that accelerated the HIV infection in that province. The practitioners in that province were reported to use dirty needles most often and the individuals who sold plasma received replenishment from blood pool supply.According to the global times paper, the Anhui province health officials gave disturbing reports concerning the outbreak in Henan which indicated that more than 56 patients had been infected with the outbreak disease(hepatitis C) from the private clinic. An investigation by the CDC(Centre For Disease Control) indicate that the infection acquired by patients at the Miaoqian private Clinic was caused by the doctors reusing needles to give shots to different patients. The astonishing beat of the story is that all the victims of the outbreak are from Anhui because the province borders Henan and the clinic is strategically situated for the service of both the two provinces.Another report showed that investigators from the health sectors were surveying 16 other local villages to ascertain whether a larger number of people more than the reported had been infected. The Patients of the outbreak were undergoing treatment at the hospital called Guoyang Peoples. However, the information that was not reported was if the Miaoqian private Clinic was still operational or had already been shut down. No number of arrests had been reported to be made either. (Associated Press, 2011)The Chinese government is promoting the small-scale private clinics and hospitals as part or contributor of a health care overhaul, which is aimed at making the healthcare services available, and accessible to more population and reduce the pressure on the badly overcrowded government or public hospitals.The fact that the china population has

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