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Create a 2 page essay paper that discusses Culture Or Society Affects People’s Love Styles.As such, this paper will examine and evaluate the concept of love and the various styles of love. Additionally, the factors that affect love styles and how culture influence love will form part of the discussion.The different types of love include. consummate love, friendship love, romantic love, fatuous love and infatuation. Infatuation is often characterized by passion only. Thus, infatuation can be described as deep feelings of sexual attraction towards a person of the opposite sex. Feelings of infatuation last for short and fade after a short time. However, unlike infatuation love, romantic love is passion plus intimacy where two people in the relationship express passion for each other and intimacy activities. This relationship type can lead to wedding or not depending on the intention of the involved parties. Next, fatuous form of love is a combination of both passion and commitment. This type of love is deeper than romantic love. Friendship love is a combination of intimacy and commitment (Seager & Richardson, 2014) while consummate love is a component of intimacy, passion and commitment. On the other hand, Non-love does not constitute any of the above.Traditionally, members of a family had substantial influence on who people would fall in love with and marry. However, this changed and the collective ways to meet one’s life partner or spouse is through socializing in public places and the internet or social media. The internet technology is the most popular amongst the methods. The search for love online is different from the traditional way in that the level of access became faster, and the degree of matching and type of communication improved (Boritzer & Marantz, 1996). The current dating methods improved the rate at which people found their mates and matches. Dating sites have developed where people of different sexes meet online and exchange information such as phone number, their marital and status and

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