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Cultural transmission

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1.Drew is excited by the thought of driving fast. Though he is aware of the speed limits and that he could be arrested, he enjoys speed. Sometimes he imagines himself to be in a high-speed car chase, which further adds to the thrill. Drew’s behavior best fits the ________ perspective on crime.??-pluralist-consensus-social responsibility-social problems.

2.Different communities view the presence of police in different ways. These difference might be explained by..??-cultural transmission.-conflict.-socialization.-social relativity.

3.Felicity steals her sister Lily’s pearl necklace and sells it. Felicity claims that she stole it because she needed the money, while Lily accuses her of being jealous. Their neighbor, Stefan, observes the argument and concludes that the crime occurred because of the deterioration of family values. Such different interpretations of the same event are explained by the concept of..??-social relativity.-cultural transmission.-cultural conflict.-socialization.


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