Cultural Profiling

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Write an essay on Cultural Profiling and Comparison of USA and India Using Hofstede’s and CPAs model. Write a 2000 word paper answering; A high power distance culture tends to favor personal responsibility and autonomy. uncertainty avoidance: The degree to which individuals require set boundaries and clear structures: a high uncertainty culture allows individuals to cope better with risk and innovation. a low uncertainty culture emphasizes a higher level of standardization and greater job security. individualism versus collectivism: The degree to which individuals base their actions on self-interest versus the interests of the group. In an individual culture, free will is highly valued. In a collective culture, personal needs are less important than the group’s needs. This dimension influences the role government is expected to play in markets. masculinity versus femininity: A measure of a society’s goal orientation: a masculine culture emphasizes status derived from wages and position. a feminine culture emphasizes human relations and quality of life., and time orientation: The degree to which a society does or does not value long-term commitments and respect for tradition. Long-term traditions and commitments hamper institutional change. Schuler & Rogovsky (1998) explain the model further with appropriate conclusions regarding some of the national cultures in following words, “The first dimension of national culture, Power Distance, indicates the extent to which the fact that power is distributed unequally is accepted in the society by those who do and do not possess power. In a culture with small Power Distance, it is a common belief that inequality within an organization (as well as within society) should be minimized. However, in a culture with a large Power Distance, the common belief is that there should be a certain degree of inequality in the society (organization) Uncertainty Avoidance, is defined as the degree to which uncertainty and unpredictability are tolerated in society (as well as within an organization).

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