Cultural differences study of china

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Write an article on cultural differences study of china, nigeria and brazil Paper must be at least 3250 words. In this, Hall’s cultural factors can be used to study the cultural differences that exists between the three countries in term of the sharing of information and experience, which is expected to bring about increased knowledge. Given the two cultural contexts that Hall gives as high context and low context, Brazil and Nigeria are identified to be part of the high context, where very little explanation is needed because much is taken for granted (Miller and Donna, 2002).Because the people of these two countries have many different contextual elements that helps them to understand the rules, they find it a good thing to easily share with others what they have, including information and experience, making it an opportunity to tap knowledge easily (Drucker, 2004). China on the other hand is low context according to Hall’s cultural factors and thus takes very little for granted. In comparison to the parent country which is U.K. it would be said that in terms of this cultural dimension, China will be considered as the preferred choice, given that U.K. also belongs to the low context and takes very little for granted (Drucker, 2004). But because the people are highly particular about almost everything that goes on around, they love to share their experience and information so that visitors can easily understand and cooperate with them (Lacity and Willcocks, 2001).2.1.2 Encouraged InnovationFoster (2000) posited that heterogeneity of cross-culture organisational interactions is a useful opportunity that encourage innovation.

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