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Cultural and ethical issues

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Compose a 500 words assignment on cultural and ethical issues faced by operation managers in global environment. The low unemployment rate in the US is causing the organizations to appoint employees from outside of the country. Due to inadequate skill and low unemployment rate, the operation managers find difficulties to employ effective local employees. Employee outsourcing can affect the organizational culture of an employee in various ways. Different cultural aspects and language barriers can create a huge communication gap within the workplace. This communication gap can create several internal organizational conflicts. Therefore, it would be difficult for operation managers to handle these issues quickly. On the other hand, these internal conflicts can affect the brand image of an organization in the global market (Terry 12). These workplace conflicts can negatively impact customer service that can reduce the productivity of the organization. Ethical Issues Faced by Operation Managers in Global Environment Operation management can be defined as the structure, operation, and systems improvement that establish and deliver the major products and services of an organization. Global operation managers face several ethical problems in organizations. For example, ethical issues related to workplace diversity can create a huge problem for operation managers in a global business environment (Miller 741). These workplace diversity issues can create huge tension in the workplace. This can ultimately affect the business productivity of an organization. If an organization tries to transform from a homogeneous organizational culture to a diverse workplace culture then the old or senior employees of the organization can oppose this process. It can affect the workplace environment. Therefore, it is important for the operation managers to set team goals and values before implementing this workplace diversification process. It is true that several global organizations are suffering from critical ethical issues. These issues are affecting the business process of an organization. Increasing greenhouse gas emissions and lack of sustainable business practices are creating huge challenges for the organizations. The governments are trying to implement several environmental ethical codes for organizations to reduce the emission of deadly greenhouse gases. On the other hand, organizations are trying to avoid these policies in order to maximize business profits. Therefore, operation managers are facing several legal challenges. It is important for the organization to follow a green business strategy. It will help them to bring sustainability in their business process. Moreover, it will help them to overcome several legal issues.


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