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Write a 3 page essay on Critique paper. Religion, ideology, individual differences, and gender for consideration of animals’ status, and finds proofs for positivity of living creatures’ presence in people’s life for their health and well-being. From the earliest times animals are those creatures accompanying humans in their life. Serving as a source of meet, fur, leather, and cosmetics at the same time animals prove their essential role for moral development of people, since they contribute to men’s needs of feelings and emotions and add to their worldview and perception of its inhabitants including both humans and animals separately and in their interaction as well. Up to a point human-animal relations have been considered primarily from the perspective of the people’s use of animals for supporting of their different physical and spiritual needs without deep insight into a psychological aspect of such an interaction. Catherine E. Amiot and Brock Bastian in their article “Toward a Psychology of Human-Animal Relations” (2015) have made their research analyzing a brand new context of psychological effects of human-animal relations for both participants, as far as it is possible in the current context.“

Toward a Psychology of Human-Animal Relations” represents in-depth study of numerous angles of the issue of animals’ impact on the life of people in every possible way, namely: mechanisms determining human perception of animals on the basis of evolutionary development, the influence of animals’ handling in childhood for further treatment in adolescence and adulthood, the role of work, religion and culture in consideration of animals’ importance for people’s life and determination of attitude towards them (positive, negative or neutral one), operating of individual differences, ideology and gender in human-animal relations, assessment of animals’ presence in people’s life on the part of their effect on health and well-being of the latter and inversely, and tracing of connection………..


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