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Critical thinking questions

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Write an essay on Critical thinking questions. It needs to be at least 500 words.Choosing to interact with someone who shares the above characteristics could be due to the belief that they might understand and serve you better than people from a different group.There exists a large range of changes that have come about as a result of the major transitions that took place during the previous centuries. in terms of technology, transportation and other aspects of the social system. The introduction of the internet has immensely changed how families communicate and interact. Family members now can communicate faster and efficiently without having to write letters or meet physically. Spouses no longer need to wait till evening in order to talk. With the advent of mobile messaging applications like whatsapp, communication at any time of the day is now possible. This has increased closeness and intimacy between spouses or among family members. Great advancements in the transport sector have also increased movement of people from one place to another. Friends and family members are now able to travel and meet up with family members within a short time. As a result, parents can now send their children to schools that are far from home, since they can easily travel to visit them any time they want (Ely & Meyerson, 2000).This is because families and people vary from one place to another. The factors that affect their behavior change over time and, therefore, one theory cannot explain every element of their behaviors. Different perspectives are taken by sociologists to try and explain the ways, cultures and behaviors of people belonging to different societies and families (Glenn, 2002).Various behaviors of a family can be explained using a theory or theories. For example, a family whose members constantly abuse drugs or alcohol. this could be a result of historical reasons. Research has shown that sons whose fathers are alcoholics are highly likely


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