Critical Self-Reflection

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Assignment

Complete 4 page APA formatted essay: Critical Self-Reflection.Critical thinking has helped me accept both unpleasant and pleasant events in my life with such grace and positive attitude. Whenever I was faced with a setback in life, I viewed my situation from different perspectives in order to explore all views and understand just how crucial the situation actually was.I believe that critical thinking is a skill that anyone could benefit from in his or her daily lives. Every day we are faced with decisions and choices. Without critical thinking, how would it be possible to make the right choice? Critical thinking is a skill we use or ought to use in almost every aspect of our lives without even realizing it.College has given me many opportunities to use critical thinking in many new ways, or in ways, I had never before. For example, in our interpersonal communication class we get to share a lot on our relationships and family. I did not only share my story on life with others, but got to listen and reflect on their stories. This helped in giving me a new perspective on life. We should not always be confined to our own ways and imagine that we are always right.Secondly, on numerous occasions in math class, we are given a word problem to solve. In order for one to find a solution, you are expected to figure out the best system in which to solve the question. I doubt this would be possible for me without critical thinking. It takes patience for one to critically analyze a maths problem and come up with a solution (Cottrell, 2011).In addition, in college, no one does the scheduling for you anymore. The choice is left to you. This poses the challenge of ensuring that you use the time you have as well as possible. Otherwise, a whole semester would go by so fast, and before you realize it there is so much that you still have not done. In addition, you are likely not prepared for exams by the time the end of the semester is here. With my critical thinking skills, I am able to manage and organize myself

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