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Critical Analysis

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Write abstract and critical analysis then add references by cce harvard style. Instructins: Activity 1: Critical Analysis and Abstract A technical paper related to the area of the project topic (masking the abstract, key words and also the details which will reveal the identification of the paper) will be provided to the student. The student is required to write a Critical Analysis and an Abstract based on the scientific information available in the technical paper.(a)  Critical Analysis With the introduction to the topic, students are expected to critically analyze the literature review part that contains key findings of previous authors, methodology adopted in given paper and parameters used for analysis, the results obtained from result analysis / graphs / tables and important conclusions derived. Critical analysis is to be presented in the form of paragraphs, avoiding sub headings, and the total word count for this part shall be 500 to 750.

(b)  Abstract

It is the condensed version of the research work described in the given technical paper. The Abstract is to contain aim, objectives, methodology, results and conclusions and shall be in a single paragraph form, not exceeding 250 words. Key words should be indicated at the end of the Abstract.Activity 2:  Referencing Visit the Library & Resource Centre, E-brary and Internet sites and look for the literature like books, e-books, journal/conference papers, reports, articles, and videos etc., (preferably) related to the project topic or area. For this literature found, write the in-text citation and prepare its reference in CCE-Harvard referencing style.    There must be: 2 Library books or E-library books, 5 Journal or Conference Papers/Reports or Magazine Articles etc., 2 Web based resource like websites, electronic report, videos etc. and 1  Image in Book


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