Critical analysis of theory

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Write a 10 page essay on Provide a critical analysis of theory in relation to ONE of the topics below and discuss how this could be relevant to Social Work. Internal working model, Internal conflict, Trauma, Loss and transition.y in order to enhance the understanding of the attachment theory and related concepts with the contemporary and evolutionary physiological theories and how these models influence the social work.Internal working model illustrates the process through which a human being attaches himself with the fellow beings and how attachment mindset come into play while interaction among human beings.An internal working model not only depicts the dynamics of adult relationship but also elucidate the way an infant perceives the society and his surroundings. According to internal working model, every human being develops a working model for this world based on his first hand experiences and what he perceives about the dynamics of different happenings around him (Holmes, 2012). If his key experiences are positive then he will build an affirmative model inside his mind about this world but in the case if otherwise then there will be negative working model and he will perceive the overall world to be on the course of negative side collectively. For example, a new born baby perceives the world to be safe and secure because he experience the same in the form of extensive care from his parents and love of his fellows. The internal working model of a child will be developed on some attachment process which will lay the foundation of a permanent perception. But the same internal working model of infant will be different altogether if the behavior of his parents will be harsh and rude (healingpartnerships,1988) The attachment theory which lays the basis of internal working model rationalizes its stance of the fact that human beings constitute close emotional bonds in the interest of survival. The human beings want to live in healthy and peaceful surroundings so they want to perceive the world to be a secure place when they are infants (McCluskey & Hooper, 2000). But the attachment theory changes its course with the passage of time. Famous British psychologist of the 20th century, John

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