Criteria to cultivate training

by | Jan 11, 2022 | Assignment

Complete 2 page APA formatted essay: Week 4 LT Assignment.This paper, first. intends to recommend criteria to cultivate training, which would convey to multiple audiences in the organization. Secondly. provide techniques that group and the team would use to facilitate the victory of the training. Lastly. propose tactics that the team and the group would utilize to minimize and identify conflicts.Training method would involve each manager with the respective staff at the Desert Communications Inc. Managers are people who oversee their daily staff operations. In the company’s training, the managers would be the first individuals to receive training. Through training, they will acquire the new organizational policies upon which they can train staff. The managers of every group will direct and lead meetings continuously to present operation change at Desert Communications Inc.The company shall structure a training program in accordance to the company’s strategy and objectives. The strategy would be aiming at high profits that should improve productivity. The multiple audiences would be required to respond to some questions. Who are the potential customers? Why do they buy from the company? Who are the competitors and how do they provide services in the market? What can be their competitive advantages? What weaknesses and strengths do this company has? What social trends have emerged and would be affecting the firm? The company shall develop on-the-job training that entails techniques like. role playing and simulation, assistantship and internships, job rotation, and programmed learning. On-the-job training is where learning can be enhanced while performing regular tasks. In simulation and role playing, there would be an attempt to provide realistic decision making the condition before the trainee (Yukl, 2010, p. 34). Employees at Desert Communications shall present problems with alternative solutions for discussion. Assistantships and internships would

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