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Write an argumentative essay on CREATIVE WRITING : A SHORT FANTASY FICTION STORY. Needs to be 12 pages. Please no plagiarism.o’s journey: Initiation as Tommy discovers he’s about to be moved again. journey as Tommy receives the gold coin and learns about ‘buying’ a family. mentor in the form of the fairy’s gold that leads him to the printer’s shop, guides major events (keeping Tommy at the shop), leads to the climax/conflict but allows Tommy to make decisions on his own. symbolic death as Tommy ‘falls’ through darkness to discover the truth.Tommy lifted his head up from the table when he heard the low tones of Mrs. Myers voice. He couldn’t look directly at her, though. He knew she was looking at him with those Mommy eyes, those soft brown eyes that hurt because they lied.Tommy knew better. He knew eyes like that wouldn’t stay around. The last woman who had looked at him with those kind of eyes, those half-sorry/half-sad eyes, had been his Mommy and she had walked down the road and didn’t even look back. He’d stood at that corner for hours, but she never returned. The night-watchman had found him huddled against a building and had him taken to the orphanage. For a year or more, he’d gone back to that corner as often as he could get away just in case.Instead of looking at Mrs. Myers, Tommy stared at the rainbows in the grease cooling on his eggs. He tried to smile. She liked it if you did little things like that. At the orphanage, They didn’t usually notice if you were happy or not, but the orphanage had burned down three months ago and the kids had been sent to different people’s houses until They figured out what they were going to do. They seemed to be in charge of the whole world, yanking Tommy here and there everywhere with just a moment’s notice to gather his things. Tommy had been staying at William and Megan Myers’s house for a month now and was already expecting to be moved to another house. He hadn’t even bothered to take his few precious possessions out of his packing box even though they’d given him a whole room to himself, not just a

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