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Creating value from uncertainty

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Chapter 22 presented a case study in creating value from uncertainty, and chapter 25 presented the use of efficient frontier analysis in SRM. Assume you are the project lead for the analysis team that uses Efficient Frontier Analysis to evaluate risks of the portfolio presented in chapter 25. How would you explain the results of the analysis to non-technical decision makers? What recommendation would you make, assuming the risk appetite presented in chapter 25?Instructions:A) Post an answer to the Discussion Question (One Page min) by creating a thread.  B) Another page evaluating the pros and cons of creating value from uncertainty and pros and cons of use of efficient frontier analysis in SRM.  Your comments should extend the conversation started with the thread (One Page min). Include at least two reference in your answer to the question. Your reference(s) should be APA compliant and should include In-Text citations.NOTE: Require a min of one page as main post and another one page evaluating he pros and cons.NOTE : No plagiarism.


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